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Lessons in (ch)eating! #LosingTheKilosSaga

‘You are what you eat!’ 

God knows how many times I have heard that! I always thought I would rather be fried chicken or chocolate cake! But the scales won me over! 1.9 kgs in less than 6 days. And I did stray. 😦 Too much temptation. But not too much to cause damage apparently. 

I am starting to feel lighter on my feet too! I walk everywhere as much as I can and seem to have more energy. Sleep better too! And the cherry on the cake was when some colleague said I look fresh and happy! 🙂 So yayee to the diet. I have sat through an office pizza party with just two bites from slices my colleagues finished.

God I have been stuck on this post for the past two three days! I cheated that night but called the dietitian yesterday and she put me on an eggs and fruit only diet. And yes! I went to check today. One more kilo down! 🙂 That makes a total of 3 kgs in 8 days. And the compliments don’t hurt either. The encouragement helps to keep going. I am actually starting to enjoy the fruits. 😉

I always thought I was rum cake or some sinful chocolate cake. But maybe I don’t mind being a fruit salad! 😛 😉




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