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Priorities, priorities, priorities!

All the chaos around me and all I hear is this one word echoed all around me…priorities,prioritize or other derivations of the word. When a word invades one’s private and public worlds, one must sit up and think about the importance and repercussions of it.  What is one’s priority as an individual? Different people, different opinions.

As a fumbling adult,wading through uncharted waters, chasing that elusive word-balance, I realise that the word means different things to different people. Sometimes it is non-existent in certain vocabularies. Balance comes in various forms and yet has one homogeneous meaning- anything that gives one contentment and peace. I watched and learned from the mistakes of the people I have admired in the course of my short but eventful life. However what constitutes this peace that is what are one’s priorities and will inevitably be a variable entity. It just can’t come in a one-size-fits-all format I realize that swiftly but surely.

However the problem arises when one’s inner motivations are clearly and only driven by personal motives. Call me idealistic but I truly believe in the adage- “No man is an island” and I am not being sexist! Lol! Our existence is not and never will be independent of the people who make up our support system- parents, a sibling, an old teacher, a dear friend in a different part of the world, a colleague, your favorite uncle, your shrink… but its always people. The career will come, the raise, that vacation, that dress, the car…but the people if lost are gone forever. Priorities stem and should stem from who or what  makes one happy, and believe me the things that money can buy don’t even make the cut- not personally nor professionally.

But our motivations,our insecurities, our egos make us lose sight of that so quickly. Stepping out into the world puts you in touch with the dirt out there in as people build fortresses around themselves making themselves or rather deluding themselves into being islands. Someone wise once warned me, “The thing with common sense is it is extremely rare” and daily experiences just confirm the statement. The thing with the rational is that it enables stoicism which is often more  sensitive than selfish contrary to popular belief. And people say that they are just being practical when they are being insensitive- lame excuse!

Coming back to priorities, a word so casually used when it would be better off used wisely. The apathy that comes attached is appalling to say the least. But as if poetic justice was being rendered, a blast in Delhi today and then some bigger power just answered back…earthquake in Delhi…All in a day’s work. As is within so it is without..how Gothic! (a reference for my initiated literary friends!):)…Chaos….

A point am trying to make. Priorities are relative, ever changing, ever evolving, and as a word so loosely used…overrated.


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