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Resolutions we should be making this year…

Something I have never understood is why it always takes the turn of a year for people to make resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that we don’t look beyond January. Who are we kidding? Sometimes we don’t last a week. And if you know the drill, it usually involves losing weight, kicking a bad habit or saving more money. But there is more beyond that. How about you resolve to be committed to a happier, healthier, more interesting life this 2014? Here are a few things you could do…

  1. Be honest: A little life lesson I learned on the way. Honesty solves everything in the long run. Nothing un-complicates life like a healthy dose of honesty. Maybe try infusing some honesty to your relationships, work and yourself and facing your shortcomings and commit to being a happier more honest person!
  2. Be kind: The world could use some kindness. There is a lot of misery and in the day to day stressful lives that we live, we forget to be kind. All it sometimes takes is a smile or a small gesture, a phone call or a kind word to make someone’s day. Everyone is fighting their own battles. Offer a helping hand to that colleague who is overloaded with work or give your doggy bag to that beggar at your closest traffic light. Feed that stray puppy some biscuits. Help a stranger. Make someone’s day.  And what you send out to the world will come back to you with rich dividends. Believe me you will feel better for it.
  3. Take responsibility of your actions: I totally belong to the school of thought of ‘live like there is no tomorrow’, ‘live life to the fullest’, ‘carpe diem’ and all such cool things. Don’t get me wrong. I think and live by those ideals but guess what makes you the coolest? Taking responsibility of actions- good or bad. It earns you respect- willing or begrudging. And believe me nothing is a better ego boost than genuine respect. Also if you don’t hold yourself accountable than how are you planning to stick to this list anyway?
  4. Learn something new: I must confess my biggest fear is boredom and I always try to evade it as much as possible. Do it not to show on your resume (that’s a perk obviously) but do it for yourself. It is important never to stagnate and stop growing. Read a new book, make a new friend, see a new place, take a class or get a new hobby. But grow constantly and learn something new. Take my word for it, nothing feels better than a thirst for knowledge. Try it!
  5. Embrace your emotions: I think we tend to live in denial caught up in the mundane on most days. We choose to hide behind a façade of ‘I am fine or cool (insert cool adjective here)”. DON’T. Self- awareness and acceptance is most liberating.  We spend our days being afraid of being happy, denying ourselves the space to feel hurt, repressing anger, refusing to acknowledge our feelings of jealousy and other similar emotions. Own up to your feelings at least to yourself. Embrace them- positive and negative. Deal with the negative ones and resolve your issues and celebrate the positive ones. We are human, be humane. Allow yourself to feel what you do. Emotional suppression does not a happy person make.
  6. Communicate: Just like we suppress our emotions, we lack the ability on most days to communicate honestly with our loved ones. And no one is happier for it. How about you resolve to communicate with your parents, your sibling, your friend, your colleague and your partner beginning now? Relationships depend on communication- written or spoken. Actions are even better. Appreciate the people around you. Make peace, show gratitude, express affection now for you are not alone. You are who you are because of the people around you. So tell them or show them that you know that. 
  7. Forgive: Nothing is more liberating than actually forgiving someone who you resent. Why hold on to hard feelings and grudges that are not giving you any benefit? Sometimes it helps make peace. Sometimes if it doesn’t make sense let the person go. But forgive them for their peace of mind because everyone has their own journey. Forgive them because it will liberate you of negativity. Most of all, forgive them because you can.
  8. Be grateful: We often forget to count our blessings. We often take things and our loved ones for granted. We often project a sense of entitlement to what we have. We forget that there is someone out there who might not have similar privileges. Don’t forget. Thank your lucky stars because you never know how the tide might turn!
  9. Travel: Yes, travel more. See something new. Nothing is better education than travel. Nothing is more fun either! Travel because you are young. Travel if you are old. Travel cheap or travel in luxury. Get out and get moving. Commit to seeing a new place every year. You can do it more than once too. 😉 But do it! Make a list, find a friend, stop making excuses, pack your bags and hit the road for the time of your life.
  10. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey: The ‘lose the weight, save the money and lose the bad habit’ school of thought should not be left behind. These things should be on your list. Do them over time. Cut them down to small chunks and work in that direction. Look around and smell the roses. Smile more, laugh more, appreciate your loved ones, and improve your life. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

 Have a great 2014 guys! Stay blessed! 🙂


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