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I Want A Man…


I want a man who is physically strong and emotionally stable. A man who is intellectually stimulating and yet generously kind.

I want a man who is wise enough to know that winds of change will always blow, people will change and so will circumstances. A man who is unafraid to live in the present, in the here and now. He who is wise enough to know that he might not be able to control everything and yet is committed to survive with compassion, humor and grace.

I want a man who owns his past actions unabashedly, is working on his present and is committed to strive to the betterment of his loved ones and his own in the future.

Call me old-fashioned for I want a man who values integrity and honor over everything else. I want a man who loves his family- current or future, unflinchingly and yet with the righteousness to not turn a blind eye to their faults. I want a man who has friends because he is a real one in return. A man who values his friendships and yet has the understanding to know when a friendship has run its course.

I want a man who has seen the world and refuses to ever stop. A man who is exhilarated and driven only by the thirst of knowledge of the unknown and has the wondrous curiosity of a child. I want a man who wants me to show him something he has never seen and to show me something I have never seen in return. I want a man who then wants to see everything together.

I want a man who is not duped or motivated by shallow longings but whose passions run deep. A passionate man who has a zeal for life, love and laughter and is determined in his convictions.

I want a man who is not threatened by my goals and dreams because he has his own and knows their true value. I want a man who does not judge based on gender, race, sexual orientation or caste and only on the grounds of thoughts and action.

I want a man who is not afraid to love because he has loved and lost before. I want a man who can love with all his heart and soul and everything in between because he is not afraid of vulnerability and because he knows that true love takes great courage. I want a proud man who knows the difference between his ego and his self esteem. A man who knows when to put aside his ego without feeling threatened but will never compromise when it comes to his self respect.

I want a man who understands flaws because he is flawed and feels better for it. This man can understand that I have shortcomings too. I want a man who will accept me totally while challenging my limitations. I want a man who is devoted to living a full life, who lives for the experience and the joy of the experience. I want a man who will inspire me to reach new heights and encourage me to follow my dreams because he is not intimidated by a strong independent woman. I want a man who can dream and be practical at the same time. I want a man who can be friend, confidante, guide, lover and soulmate.

I want such a man and no less because I was raised by such a man. A man who taught me to be an honest woman and to know that I should not settle for less because challenges and growth are essential to a full life.  This man also taught me to love myself and strive to be a better person every day. I want such a man because I have known such men to love women too.

I want all this and more in a man. And I want this man to be mine and for him to call me his woman. I WANT only this man because I was raised never to need one.



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