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Cogito ergo sum…

A sudden restlessness and the urge to do something new got me exploring this forum despite maintaining another blog that satisfies the poet in me, mind you I harbour no misconceptions about my poetic skills though!(http://www.framedsurrealism.blogspot.com/) People claim to enjoy reading them and often are kind enough to shower some praise my way but that is another story.

I still have my misgivings about what this one is going to be about or whether I will have any takers for the random thoughts whizzing through my hyperactive brain. I usually don’t since they have a tendency to whiz right over people’s heads sometimes and I say that with no intention to flatter myself. The randomness of these thoughts sometimes are subject to absolutely nothing in particular.  The caprice of human nature is such that it is more a struggle to live with oneself than it is for others to put up with it. A certain awareness of the self is essential to keep one’s peace with one’s own unpredictable and volatile nature. This I confidently say from experience that has come with a price of its own.

However having said that, I realise I am in essence a thinker, someone who  is making opinions, sometimes subconsciously if not overtly, not that I am saying it is fair- but judge me not! I realise with creeping certainty, uncomfortably so that human fears know no bounds, my greatest one being stagnation of the mental variety. I exist as an extension of my mental universe- my thoughts. So here goes nothing as I attempt to explore ideas- some mundane, some practical, some inane, some serious, some political and others totally irrelevant. All I can say is true to Descartian spirit- “I think therefore I am.”

Read on for the random musings of a self proclaimed 20-something misfit who sometimes obviously and others discreetly forms opinions of all things rational and the irrelevant…


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