Love Lies Within…

“It is an immense test of strength and patience, a true test of what you are willing to put at stake, to love someone.
It takes even more courage to allow someone to love you back, especially when you have been broken before. Because life breaks all of us…
It is not about what we can give and offer sometimes. Sometimes it is about how much we are willing to allow ourselves to accept from another. How we love and allow ourselves to be loved is sometimes more about our relationship with our own selves and less to do with the other person.
Self-loathing is often created in our own minds because of subconscious influences like faulty parenting, failed relationships, coping mechanisms due to juvenile unpreparedness, that is no fault of our own. We sometimes hold ourselves to exacting standards that sometimes even we can’t meet. We decide on assumptions of suitability for another person, to let ourselves walk away from promising possibilities, out of fear of happiness and to avoid possible hurt. Vulnerability does come with that risk. But it is also our job to be able to ascertain and recognise that about ourselves. And to be willing to work past those misgivings. Because everyone deserves to love and be loved back in return. A heart that is open, kind and compassionate enough to trust again is the ultimate goal of the human condition. Because there is immense courage in true vulnerability which opens the opportunity for healthy, emotionally open relationships as is everyone’s due. It is something we owe to ourselves.”
#Musings #SelfLove


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