A month into #LosingTheKilosSaga

Life somehow has a habit of happening to me. Well despite my reservations so did weight loss including cheating et all. 4.3 kilos down in 5 weeks!

Pat on my back. 🙂 I know it could have been more but so hard to resist the good stuff eh! Don’t we all know! Especially when you are a foodie like I am.

It’s the foodies who need to lose the weight anyway.

So the last month has been a horde of hormones (read PMS), a music festival and lots and lots of work! But you know what the food doesn’t matter when the compliments come in! The weight loss is not that drastic but eating right has the side effects of glowing skin, high energy and general happiness! You should totally try it. Makes the compliments pour in.

Over the past month I realized that it’s not just about the diet. I think it’s about the attitude for change in your lifestyle. My weight gain has been mostly a result of unhealthy habits overall, more than plain over-eating. With the diet plans, I realized I have become more conscious of what I put into my body and how much because I didn’t want the scales to go up in the clinic. I have started to make up with walking for the little extra I ate. I have started exercising portion control on eating the stuff ‘I wasn’t allowed’ when I give into a craving. I have consciously started to sleep on time and not give into late night binges. I try and have fruits at night when I have indulged. Mostly the diet plan has made me mindful of what I eat and I am not complaining.

I think it is was lesson waiting to be learned. I officially have another 2 and a half month to go but I don’t think I am going to stop there. Here’s hoping.



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2 responses to “A month into #LosingTheKilosSaga

  1. Dude, 4.3 kgs in 5 weeks is awesome….what’s even better is that you’re making a lifestyle change rather than a die/exercise only regimen…keep it going! I shall be inspired and get off my backside as well 😀

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