The Curse of the Social Butterfly #LosingTheKilosSaga

You know what is the hardest thing to do when you are a highly social person? Go on a diet!

Yes I have been MIA because I have had social stuff to do this Diwali. Happy Diwali by the way! So day before yesterday was an office party. Second day into my diet. So hard! Well I ate before we went out and I am proud that I didn’t bite into all the delicacies, much to the amusement of my colleagues! Not their fault really, considering I am a self proclaimed foodie!

We went to this new place Chatter House, close to work! Great ambiance and food! Good times. I am proud of myself that I contained myself with a Caesar salad and Lemon Iced Tea (no sugar) after a lot of insistence by the company. I said no to the Diwali sweets but I succumbed to a little red wine. I know I know! I went off the trail. But dinner was the same as prescribed.

I was worried, I won’t lie, when I went to see the dietitian lady yesterday but voila I had lost a little more than a kilo! In two days!! The water weight was shedding off! Just the beginning. I spent Saturday, shopping for the house and other errands- walking everywhere! Quite a lot of fun actually! And oh guess what my next two days were going to be easier. She was letting me have chicken. But going on diet is more about eating mindfully and eating right than about starving or deprivation is something I am realizing quickly. So I am looking at healthier recipes. Still tasty. Like the one I tried with Chicken last night! A stir fry of bell peppers, onions and broccoli with Chicken and Parley with Rosemary. Was yummy and healthy!

I guess I am lucky I don’t have a sweet tooth. I suppose that would be the harder thing to do. My nemesis is fried foods. But I am doing okay so far. Have resisted so far. But all this socializing lined up, it’s hard not to fall off the wagon!

When all interactions have been about food so far- what we will eat and where, it’s hard not to fall back to old habits! The little voice in me protests! But the part that’s feeling lighter insists on seeing this through.

I realise my social self is going to challenge this diet a lot. Let’s see how that goes…

Anyway, the plan is to stick to it as much as I can! Happy festivities to me!


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