It’s all in the prep. ##LosingTheKilosSaga

The night before.

The stats can shake you. I am not obscene and hence misleading. But I weigh 75.6 kgs at 5’1″. BMI and all that says am obese. How we mislead ourselves into thinking sweet cute labels like ‘pleasingly plump’ and all that to keep up morale. Sometimes we need to be shaken into action. All it takes is a hideous picture.

I met a dear friend, one of my strongest supporters in this quest, an inspiration herself for a cuppa. Splurged on two amazing bags- probably a treat to encourage my abstinence. Bought my fruits, veggies and health foods. Came back home armed for success.

Tip for success: Make your maid your best friend. Mine is a doll. I spent an hour chatting her up as she cut my salads and fruits. Have to befriend fruits. Treated myself to mom’s home-cooked Biryani. One last time. My little treat.

Truth be told, water is the Godsend. I am set. Plan to hit the sack latest by 12:30 am.

Starting tomorrow, life as I know it shall change. Here goes nothing!



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4 responses to “It’s all in the prep. ##LosingTheKilosSaga

  1. themusingsofacolourfulmind

    All the best! The trick is to practice willpower. Trust me, i know.

  2. Nipa

    We will talk 🙂

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