Biting less than I can chew…. #LosingTheKilosSaga

So there I am succumbing to it. Out of boredom. Out of the need to do something new. Out of necessity born out of this stupid condition for fault of my own. I feel age catching up on the other side of 25. All my years I have fought the need to look a certain way. Demanding to  be valued for who I am and what I do and not the way I look. In principle it still holds true. But I am tickled by the idea and I want to see what it can be like. I have seen people attempt it and come out looking great on the other side. And I am inspired by  a few. Dieting has been the hardest. Fighting the battle of the bulge.

So many diets and doomed to fail exercise routines, I have decided to make discipline my friend. The whole nine yards. Sleep, a dietician’s plan and a fitness routine. Basically a lifestyle overhaul. I have it in me to do it. How far and for how long? Time will tell. It starts tomorrow. I go shopping for health today!

Aim is to be fit. Always was. Always has been.

Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Biting less than I can chew…. #LosingTheKilosSaga

  1. Nipa

    This is incredible , keep at it ! 🙂

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