It’s been a while…

Sometimes when I get the time to breathe in the whirlwind of a life I seem to lead, I regret not writing or reading as often I would like to. So much has happened, some life changing events, some fun and frolic, a little loss on the way but as I think about it, all for the better.
Sometimes I think I have figured the essence of all that is me and the next minute I realise how I change and surprise myself every now and then. As definitions change. Boundaries are redefined. I like it. Period.
I have met some amazing people, let go of some people who used to be a central part of my existence and I have come to terms with it too. Everyone has a part to play… No point making a cameo the main act and losing the plot completely. I have learnt that. I have learnt that my happiness is mine to own. I have learnt that there is no one right person for you. There are wonderful people to know and meet. Each one brings in something different, something wonderful and enriching to our lives. I have learnt that its not the material things that make one rich but the people u have in your life for who you are.
Contrary to what I thought about how you can’t make friends after a certain point, I have realised that you can if you want to 🙂 I have realised that to be a joy to your family is the best thing you can be. I have learned to live life than to ponder over it. To open myself to experiences taking them as they come… I feel more courage than I ever have to open myself to hurt. No judgement. Yes I need to write more..
Its been a wonderful time…it’s been a while but yes I have been a little busy..


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